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Virtual IT Director FAQ

What specific services are included in the role of a Virtual IT Director?

The role of a Virtual IT Director encompasses a range of services aimed at providing clients with expert guidance and support in managing their ICT environments effectively. These services include conducting business ICT strategy meetings to align technology with business objectives, performing cyber security reviews to safeguard digital assets, assessing infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, evaluating hardware and software replacements, researching emerging technologies applicable to the client’s industry, conducting compliance reviews to uphold data security standards, and offering on-demand advice whenever needed. Essentially, a Virtual IT Director serves as a trusted advisor to organizations, helping them navigate the complexities of IT management and strategy.

As a 39D Service Client our team, Will make sure you will enjoy the benefits of having us your disposal a backed by a team of experts you can call upon as your Virtual IT Director. Working with your organisation offering best advice for your ICT environment and helping develop an IT Strategy in line with your business objectives, your Lugo Virtual IT Director will be an invaluable addition to your organisation. 39D Virtual IT Director’s role includes: Business ICT strategy meetings, Cyber Security reviews, Infrastructure reviews, Hardware and Software replacement review, Emerging technology review relevant to your business sector, Compliance review keeping your business data-safe and compliant, On-call advice when required.



How does a Virtual IT Director stay updated on new technologies and innovations?

How does a Virtual IT Director help organizations plan effectively in the face of rapidly evolving technology landscapes?
The Virtual IT Director communicates clearly regarding new and emerging technologies, enabling organizations to plan effectively in a rapidly changing IT landscape.

How does a Virtual IT Director leverage their experience in different business sectors to stay updated on new technologies?
A Virtual IT Director can access a large knowledgebase through working in diverse business sectors, allowing them to offer a broader scope of knowledge when advising on ICT matters.



What is a Virtual IT Director and what benefits does it offer to clients??

How does a Virtual IT Director ensure that IT spending is within budget for the client’s organization?

The Virtual IT Director helps in ensuring that the client is getting the best value for their IT spending and that their IT spending remains within budget by providing cost-effective recommendations and guidance on technology investments.


How does a Virtual IT Director work with existing IT staff and Senior Management to keep ICT Strategy aligned with business goals?

The Virtual IT Director collaborates closely with the client’s existing IT staff and Senior Management to ensure that the ICT Strategy remains aligned with the organization’s business goals.


How does a Virtual IT Director utilize a large knowledgebase to offer a broader scope of knowledge when advising on ICT matters?

By working in different business sectors and having access to a large knowledgebase, a Virtual IT Director can provide a wider range of insights and recommendations when advising on ICT matters.


What kind of expertise does a Virtual IT Director bring to the client’s organization?

A Virtual IT Director offers the expertise of a team of experts who can provide guidance on ICT matters and help develop an IT Strategy in line with the client’s business objectives.


How can one book an appointment with 39D Services  for a Virtual IT Director


To book an appointment with 39D Managed  IT service, you can easily schedule a FREE virtual meeting by filling out the available form on our website. Simply provide your preferred date and time for the meeting, along with your contact information. Our team will promptly get back to you to confirm the appointment and discuss your current IT setup and any further assistance you may require. Additionally, if you have any specific questions about IT, feel free to submit them through the provided form and we will respond promptly.

If you have a question about IT, pop it into the box. We’ll get back to you quickly. Your name, Your email, Subject, Your message.” Or book a call back with our Virtual IT Director Matthew Southgate   Mroe details on the Services offered by 39D Virtual IT Director

Matthew Southgate is an accomplished Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a strong passion for technology and a proven track record of driving innovation and success. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Matthew has become a prominent figure in the Essex business community, known for his expertise in providing cutting-edge IT solutions to organizations of all sizes.