The Top 10 Essential Tools We Install on Your Computer

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The Top 10 Essential Tools We Install on Your Computer


A computer is a necessary tool for both work and play in the modern digital world. However, a selection of necessary software’s that boosts creativity, productivity, and fun is needed to fully realize its potential. We take pride in configuring PCs at 39d with a carefully chosen selection of essential tools that will improve your computing experience. In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 indispensable programs that we always include on new computers to give consumers a wide choice of options.

If you would like to research any further into any of our 10 recommended tools, simply click on the names to go to their official site.

  1. Grammarly: Perfecting Your Writing

Whether you’re writing an email, a document, or using social media, effective communication is essential in today’s environment. With real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, Grammarly’s AI-powered writing helper can help you produce flawless material. It is an essential resource for both professionals and students due to its tips and insights that improve your writing.

  1. Lightshot: Capture and Share with Ease

Lightshot makes taking and sharing screenshots simple, when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, Lightshot helps you capture those words in the simplest of manners! You can take a screenshot of a specified area of your screen or even a whole webpage using this simple, lightweight tool. Lightshot also allows streamlines visual communication with simple annotation choices and rapid sharing to numerous platforms.

  1. PDF Sam: Simplify Your PDF Tasks

Without the proper tools, working with PDF files can be a difficult effort. A simple method to easily split, combine, and manipulate PDF documents is provided by PDF Sam (Split and combine). This application makes managing PDF files simple, whether you need to extract specific pages, join numerous PDFs, or rearrange pages making it an essential tool.

  1. VLC Media Player: A Versatile Media Companion

A media player for your computer should be capable of playing a variety of formats and codecs. In order to support different video and audio formats, VLC Media Player does not require any additional codecs. VLC guarantees a fluid multimedia experience for everything from playing local files to streaming online content.

  1. Advanced IP Scanner: Network Management Made Simple

For your network to remain secure and effective, you must understand its architecture and linked devices. It is simpler to maintain and fix network issues when you can quickly scan your local network using Advanced IP Scanner and obtain crucial data about connected devices.

  1. Chocolatey PowerShell: Streamlined Software Management

Software management is a breeze thanks to the automation provided by Chocolatey PowerShell, which makes installing and upgrading programs quick and easy. You can easily install, upgrade, and uninstall software with the help of this package manager for Windows’ command-line interface, saving you a lot of time and effort with this sixth essential tool.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Universal PDF Viewer

When it comes to PDF viewing, Adobe Acrobat Reader is considered the industry standard. It makes it simple to view, sign, and comment on PDF documents because to its user-friendly design and robust functionality. Academic papers and significant contracts alike can both be accessed easily with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. Zoom: Connect, Collaborate, and Conquer

The standard in today’s hyperconnected society is virtual meetings and collaboration. Leading video conferencing solution Zoom enables seamless screen sharing, collaboration, and communication over long distances. Zoom connects everyone together, whether it’s for business meetings, online classes, or keeping up with friends and family.

  1. WinRAR: The Classic File Archiver

WinRAR is renowned for its dependability and compatibility when it comes to managing compressed files. WinRAR enables you to compress files into several formats and password-protect them. It is a robust program that has endured the test of time and makes file management simple and effective.

  1. 7-Zip: Compression and Archiving Made Easy

7-Zip is another top-notch file archiver on our list. This is a dependable and effective application that delivers high compression ratios, supports a variety of file types, and is perfect for shrinking file sizes and building archives. You can easily extract, compress, and safeguard your data using 7-Zip. Its ability to facilitate transfers between Macs and Windows, which WinRAR occasionally finds challenging, making it a fantastic complement to WinRAR. They make the ideal team when paired and are our last but not least essential tools.


Your productivity, creativity, and overall computing experience can be greatly improved by a computer that is well-equipped with these ten essential tools. At 39d, we are committed to giving our customers the greatest tools to enhance their online experiences. These tools will unquestionably improve your computing experience, whether you’re a student, professional, or just a computer lover. So prepare your computer with these necessary tools and start your seamless digital journey!

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