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39D Services Limited (“39D”) is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. We recognise the value that individuals with disabilities bring to our organisation and are dedicated to creating an environment where all employees, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

Our Commitment

39D is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, training, career development, and promotion. We aim to foster an inclusive workplace where the skills and talents of people with disabilities are valued and utilised.

Recruitment and Selection

We are committed to ensuring that our recruitment and selection processes are inclusive and accessible. This includes:

  • Providing reasonable adjustments to ensure candidates with disabilities can participate fully in the recruitment process.
  • Using non-discriminatory language in job advertisements.
  • Ensuring our recruitment team is trained to understand and support the needs of candidates with disabilities.

Workplace Adjustments

39D is committed to making reasonable adjustments to the workplace and work practices to accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Modifying workstations and equipment.
  • Providing assistive technologies and software.
  • Adjusting work schedules and job duties.
  • Ensuring accessibility of our facilities.

Training and Development

We are dedicated to providing training and development opportunities for all employees, including those with disabilities. We ensure that:

  • Training materials and sessions are accessible to all.
  • Development opportunities are made available to employees with disabilities.
  • Managers are trained to support and develop team members with disabilities.

Support and Well-being

39D recognizes the importance of providing support and promoting the well-being of employees with disabilities. We are committed to:

  • Offering access to employee assistance programs.
  • Providing mental health support.
  • Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

Monitoring and Review

We continually monitor and review our policies and practices to ensure they are effective in promoting the employment and development of individuals with disabilities. This includes:

  • Regularly reviewing our recruitment, retention, and promotion statistics.
  • Seeking feedback from employees with disabilities on their experiences and suggestions for improvement.
  • Updating our policies and procedures in line with best practices and legislative changes.

Encouragement of Disclosure

We encourage employees to disclose their disabilities to ensure that appropriate support and adjustments can be provided. All disclosures will be treated confidentially and with respect.


39D is committed to being an inclusive employer that values diversity and promotes equality of opportunity for all. We believe that a diverse workforce, including individuals with disabilities, brings a wealth of perspectives and talents that enhance our organisation.

For further information or to discuss any specific needs or adjustments, please contact our HR department.

Matthew Southgate
39D Services Limited
1st January 2023