Do you know someone with Dementia? 

Then I am sure you can understand how difficult it is going from being fully independent and certain to constantly doubting yourself and not remembering the little things. It can be a struggle for anyone, but especially those who are still working.

Those who don’t suffer from memory loss take for granted the fact we don’t have to think twice about locking the front door after we leave. 

We don’t have to worry about remembering the password for our computer. 

These activities have become second nature to us, and we don’t necessarily need to think about them. But imagine what it’s like, waking up one day and forgetting where you were.

Or getting to work and not being able to remember the password to unlock the computer that you have used for over 25 years.

It can be incredibly upsetting and maybe even embarrassing for some people.

How we can help

At 39D, we are more than just your average IT helpdesk. We care about all our customers, regardless of the challenges they face. We always strive to find a solution. 

Upon a recent visit to a client’s office, we were tasked with combating a rather sensitive challenge. 

One of the senior members of staff is suffering from the onset of memory loss, and he is finding it incredibly frustrating trying to remember the password for his computer. 

So we were asked if we had a solution to enable this staff member to continue using his computer without having to remember a password. But the computer still needed to be locked and secure due to the nature of the business.

Our team found the perfect solution for this gentleman. We were able to give him a key card that would unlock his computer without the need of a password. 

Technology is an amazing thing can change people’s lives for the better, in so many ways. Our team used their extensive knowledge and expertise to help this man gain some confidence back when it came to using his computer. 

If you feel like a member of staff could benefit from new accessibility features in Windows 10 or just extra support with their IT needs, then why not speak to our team today. If you have any questions you can always fill out our online form!

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