Hosted Cloud Telecoms

Cloud Telephone System
Key Features
Cloud-based solutions
Fully Managed by our team
Flexible solutions

Cloud Telephone System offer Unified Communications that streamline your reliance on hardware to network equipment, telephone handsets, and/or softphones. The core functionality of your telephone system is hosted in secure data centers, while your voice traffic is transmitted over an internet connection. This results in a straightforward installation process with minimal disruption to your team and operations, whether you’re deploying it for a single site or multiple locations. Once implemented, your hosted cloud telephone system provides immediate operational flexibility, enabling you to adapt and scale efficiently.

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Service Features
An improvement in your disaster recovery stance.
Increased dynamic with the ability to scale up and down quickly and easily
Less requirement for maintenance, upgrading, and support
Security is built into the solution.

Key reasons to use our hosted solution

  • Robust communication features suitable for enterprise-grade operations.
  • Versatile capabilities for remote work, enabling flexibility.
  • Effortless hot desking functionality for seamless transitions.
  • Proven unified communications capabilities for efficient collaboration.
  • Excellent audio conferencing for high-quality remote meetings.
  • Seamless integration between computer and telephone systems.
  • Strong security protocols, fraud prevention, and encryption measures.
  • A top-tier service level agreement to ensure quality service.
  • Local 24/7/365 monitoring and support for immediate assistance.

By adopting a future-proof business communications tool, you open the door to a multitude of possibilities. This advanced solution not only improves the effectiveness and productivity of your team but also offers the flexibility and convenience of cloud communications. With seamless and effortless communication channels, your customers can reach you without any hassle. Furthermore, by reducing the need for capital expenditure, you can allocate resources to other critical areas of your business. This solution also enhances your organization’s resiliency, ensuring that you can adapt and thrive in any situation. Ultimately, by streamlining your communication infrastructure, you can focus your time and resources on driving growth and achieving success in your business endeavours.

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    Hosted telecoms offer numerous advantages such as cost savings, scalability, and flexibility. With hosted telecoms, you can reduce the need for on-site equipment, enjoy seamless upgrades and scalability, and easily adapt to changing business needs.

    Hosted telecoms eliminate the need for large upfront investments in on-premises hardware. You can avoid costly maintenance, upgrades, and repairs as these responsibilities are shifted to the service provider. Additionally, with a pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for the services you need, resulting in potential cost savings.

    Hosted telecoms allow for easy scalability, allowing your communication system to grow alongside your business. You can quickly add or remove users, access additional features or services, and expand to multiple locations without significant infrastructure changes.

    Absolutely. Hosted telecoms solutions are highly versatile and cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The flexibility and customizable options make it adaptable to meet the unique requirements of any business.

    Hosted telecoms often provide robust service level agreements (SLAs) with guaranteed uptime and high-quality performance. They leverage redundant infrastructure, backup systems, and advanced security measures to ensure reliable and secure communication

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