Building an Internet Infrastructure: AS34979 BGP Routing and Internet Exchanges

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Building an Internet Infrastructure: AS34979 BGP Routing and Internet Exchanges

Building an Internet Infrastructure – Introduction

In the vast and interconnected landscape of the Internet, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing and Internet Exchanges (IXs) play a crucial role in enabling efficient data transfer and seamless connectivity. Autonomous System 34979 (AS34979) is one of the thousands of AS numbers that participate in BGP routing and contribute to the functioning of internet exchanges worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of BGP routing and internet exchanges. Additionally, the role of AS34979 in building a resilient and efficient internet infrastructure will be discussed.


1. Understanding Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Routing

BGP is a dynamic routing protocol used to exchange routing information and facilitate the efficient movement of data between different Autonomous Systems (AS) on the internet. It is the protocol that allows the internet to function as a network of networks. These networks are individually represented by an AS number. BGP enables autonomous systems to discover the most efficient paths for data transmission. This ensures that data reaches its intended destination in the most efficient manner possible.

2. The Role of Internet Exchanges (IXs)

Internet Exchanges (IXs) are physical locations where multiple Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, and networks come together to exchange traffic directly with one another. IXs facilitate the exchange of data within the same geographic region. this reduces the need for data to traverse long and convoluted paths across the internet. This not only improves the speed and efficiency of data transfers but also reduces costs and enhances network resiliency.

3. AS34979: A Contributor to BGP Routing and IXs

AS34979 is an Autonomous System Number assigned to an entity that participates in BGP routing and operates within internet exchanges. This ASN contributes to the collective effort of ensuring that data flows efficiently across the internet. It achieves this by exchanging routing information with other autonomous systems. It peers with other ASNs at internet exchanges, enabling direct and optimal data exchange within the same geographic region.

4. Benefits of BGP Routing and Internet Exchanges

  • Reduced Latency: BGP routing and internet exchanges facilitate direct data exchange. This therefore reduces the number of hops and latency in data transmission.
  • Increased Resilience: By enabling multiple paths for data to reach its destination, BGP routing and IXs enhance network resiliency and reduce the impact of network outages.
  • Improved Performance: Efficient routing and direct data exchange lead to improved network performance. Due to this, faster loading times for websites and online services can be achieved.
  • Cost-Effective Data Transfer: Peering at internet exchanges can significantly reduce the cost of data transfer for ISPs and content providers. This promotes more affordable internet services for end-users.
  • Local Data Traffic: IXs keep local data traffic within the region. This in turn prevents data from unnecessarily traveling long distances across the globe.

5. The Future of AS34979 and Internet Infrastructure

As internet traffic continues to grow exponentially, the role of AS34979 and other AS numbers in BGP routing and internet exchanges becomes increasingly important. The focus on building a robust and efficient internet infrastructure is vital to support the demands of a connected world. AS34979 will continue to collaborate with other ASNs at internet exchanges, ensuring that data flows seamlessly across networks, regions, and continents.


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing and Internet Exchanges (IXs) are the backbone of the modern Internet. They enable efficient data transfer and connectivity. AS34979, along with countless other AS numbers, contributes to this global effort of building a resilient and efficient internet infrastructure. Through BGP routing and peering at internet exchanges, AS34979 ensures that data reaches its destination with: reduced latency, increased resiliency, and improved performance.

As technology is advancing and the Internet continues to evolve, the significance of AS34979 and similar ASNs in shaping the future of Internet infrastructure is not understated. A collaborative and interconnected network of ASNs, operating within Internet exchanges, will pave the way for a more robust and efficient Internet. This future empowers businesses, individuals, and societies worldwide.

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