39D IT Support recently participated in the Ongar Academy Job Fair, an event organized by Councillor Jaymey McIvor to provide career opportunities and guidance to students. At the fair, 39D offered valuable advice on pursuing a career in IT and technology services. Additionally, they extended a unique opportunity for two members of Ongar Academy to gain hands-on work experience through a two-week program scheduled for July 2024. In this article, we delve into the significance of this initiative and its potential impact on aspiring IT professionals.

The presence of 39D IT Support at the Ongar Academy Job Fair signifies a commitment to nurturing the next generation of IT professionals. By offering insights into the diverse career paths within the IT and technology sector, 39D aims to inspire students and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this dynamic field.

Councillor Jaymey McIvor’s initiative to organize the job fair underscores the importance of fostering meaningful connections between local businesses and educational institutions. By facilitating opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals, Councillor McIvor seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the workforce, empowering young individuals to explore diverse career options.

One of the highlights of 39D’s participation in the job fair is the offering of a two-week work experience program to two members of Ongar Academy. This hands-on opportunity will allow students to gain practical insights into the day-to-day operations of an IT support firm, honing their skills and understanding of the industry under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Building Bridges Between Education and Industry: The collaboration between 39D IT Support, Ongar Academy, and Councillor Jaymey McIvor exemplifies the power of partnership in fostering career development opportunities for students. By bridging the gap between education and industry, this initiative not only provides valuable experiences for students but also strengthens the local workforce by nurturing talent within the community.

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion: In addition to offering career guidance and work experience opportunities, 39D IT Support is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the IT sector. By actively engaging with students from diverse backgrounds and encouraging participation from underrepresented groups, 39D aims to create a more inclusive and equitable workforce for the future.